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[Just for fun...]

Bill, Frank X. Feller and Dick Clark at a 1980 Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia dinner to honor Clark.  Feller, one of the original WIBG rock & roll DJs, was General Manager of WYSP at the time.

Air studio at the Wall Street Journal Radio Network.  It is a fairly simple setup...the most significant feature being the screen from which current numbers for the indexes and selected stock quotes are read.

INTERVIEW: Soupy Sales - December 1981 [mp3]

During the 1999 Philadelphia mayoral campaign, both John Street and Sam Katz appeared at WHYY for televised debates and town hall meetings. 

ABC Radio Net newsroom.  Judging from the typewriter, mid-late 80s

Sept. 15, 1965 -

OK, I can stand to give you only a few seconds of my radio debut ... JazzologyClip.mp3

Former Yes vocalist Jon Anderson visited WYSP to promote his 1981 collaboration album with Greek keyboardist Vangelis, "The Friends of Mr. Cairo."    

The WYSP news studio, 1978-83       

      Tracey Matisak, Bill, and Daily News writer Elmer Smith host a WHYY-TV tribute to Rev. Leon Sullivan on his passing in April, 2001.   


An earlier and, certainly, less solemn TV appearance included rubber ears and full regalia for "Battlestar Gallactica Week" on Philly's channel 29.

Saturday Night Live's "Father" Guido Sarducci

Smell a dead skunk, anyone?   ( Louden Wainwright III )

Cyndy Drue, Dick Hungate, Bill, former Journey vocalist Steve Perry,    Lisa Richards, Denny Stomach, late CBS Records rep Herb Gordon

Charlie Daniels made a few visits to WIOQ and WYSP.  This one was in support of his 1982 album, "Windows."

Then Vice President George H.W. Bush had to stand in for this White House news conference shortly after the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.  The administration had chosen to release its new budget proposal to groups of local news people, rather than the national media.

WYSP was visited by Jefferson Airplane/Starship vocalist Grace Slick, on  tour to promote her 1981 solo album, "Welcome to the Wrecking Ball."

                                             Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen

Bill with then-station manager Anna Kosof at WHYY fund raiser          March, 1999.

Mick Jagger meets the Philly press at the old JFK Stadium in Philadelphia to announce details of a Rolling Stones tour in support of their album, "Tattoo You."  The tour opened at JFK.

                      Momento of the Led Zeppelin album, "Presence."  376/1000

Little Steven VanZant talked to Bill at the ABC studios in New York about his 1985 album, "Sun City: Artists Against Apartied."

Working the crowd at Live Aid...who could ask for a better assignment?

Rick Nelson talks about his 1981 album, "Playing to Win."

WYSP crew circa 1981.   front: Joe Madden, Denny Stomach.  

2nd: Dick Hungate, Cindy Drue, Patsy Althouse, Gerry Hebert.  3rd: Bill, Gary Bridges. 

 back: Ed Anderson, Steve Feinstein, Dave Newman, R.D.Steele, Gil Bratcher.

Robin Trower talks with Bill backstage at the Tower Theater during his tour in support of the 1980 album, "Victims of the Fury."

Richard Simmons visits Bill's home in Bala Cynwyd, PA, in 1983 to discuss his book, Never Say Diet

Among others whom Bill has interviewed at his home studio...

One very interesting aspect of Timothy Leary's visit was the newspaper photographer who spent the day trailing him and took full advantage of the setting in my front yard to snap several shots of him.  The whole time she was clicking pix, she rambled on a mile a minute with, "Do you still do acid?  I've never done acid, but I love you do cocaine?  How about 'ludes? ..."  Leary remained gracious throughout.

This autograph was obtained from Sledge at the conclusion of what was Bill's second interview ever...conducted "backstage" at the St. Bernard College field house, where Sledge performed in 1968.

‘YSP Softball Team - Circa 1982.  It was the type of league where keeping a Bloody Mary nearby while in the outfield was OK.   [front l-r] R.D.Steele, Joe Madden, Laurie Johnson, Patti Gandolfini, Bill Banasiewicz, Stephen Johnson, Sean & Barb McKay.  [standing] Bill & Shirley Fantini, Gus Compson, Jeff ?, Denny Stomach, unknown, Chuck Varesko, Katherine Creamer, unknown, David ?, Ron Ruggiero, Pam Tramatuolo, Denise Steele

From the pages of the Cullman Times.

Here are some fun “audiographs”…voicemail announcements and promos that were done for me by Hank Aaron, Eddie Money, Rodney Dangerfield, Dougie Thomson of Supertramp, Cheech & Chong, Mark Mothersbaughs of Devo, Steve Perry of Journey, Doug Collins of the 76ers, Billy Powell of the Rossington-Collins Band, Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, The B-52s, John Cougar (Mellencamp), Frank LeMaster of the Philadelphia Eagles, Billy Thorpe, and the Rev. Vince (Gerald) Casales of Devo.


And ... some other memorable events:













Some of the best press I ever got.  From the Haverford High "Fordian" '65.

Teeny Fantini Fan Rosalind Quirk launched my campaign in 1976 when I was making a promotional appearance at a WIOQ event at Penns Landing in Philadelphia. In my last stint as a Rock Jock, I used to end my show with a Beatles tune every afternoon. And so, instead of a chicken in every pot, my promise to voters at the time was "A collection of Beatles albums in every stereo cabinet." I since have added the campaign pledge, "A vote for Bill is a vote for 100% blue agave tequila!"  

Amazingly, Rosalind still has the T-shirt today...modeled here by her niece, Madelyn Spicer.